Problems with 3.5

Installing ver 3.5 has resulted in serious problem with recurring events in my application. I have since reverted back to my old codebase to get things working again.

Here are the issues when running 3.5.

When try to edit a recurring event get javascript error: dhtmlx.modalbox is not a function

Also my log file reports numerous errors:
Undefined property: SchedulerDataItem: $userdata at www/codebase/connector/scheduler_connector.php line 25

This is repeated numerous times in the log.txt file

I notice modalbox does not exist in the ver 3.0 dhtmlxscheduler.js or dhtmlxscheduler_recurring.js scripts so this is new functionality does not seem to work with my app. Please help.

If you are using other dhtmlx component on the page - be sure that you are loading dhtmlxscheduler on the page after them.

modalbox is a part of js-message lib, which is included in dhtmlxscheduler.js, but if you are using old version of dhtmlx.js or dhtmlxcommon.js - it will overwrite globals, and will cause the above error.

I have dhtmlxcommon.js, dhtmlwindows.js, and dhtmlcontainer.js on my page which were loading after scheduler. I have now moved them to load before scheduler

In Firefox I no longer get any javascript errors however the editor window does not open.

In Internet Explorer I get the option to select the series for editing but not in a pop window but at the bottom of the page. When I select an option the editor window opens.

So it sounds like I still have some conflict with the Series dialog box opening. I tried removing the dhtmlxcommon.js dhtmlxwindows.js and dhtmlcontainer.js from the page but this made no difference.

Please be sure that

  • you have updated dhtmlxscheduler.css and old version is not cached
  • you are using IE in standard mode ( quirks mode is not supported by scheduler )

Yes that is the problem. I was using a customized dmtmlxscheduler.css. Now works correctly using the new css.


I have the same issue in Meteor. How do I fix it?

I thought I’d post a reply here to sameeparora because I resolved a similar issue with my install on Meteor. The package needs to be installed for the modalbox function to work. You can install it with the command: meteor add mrt:dhtmlx-message