Problems with checbox in grid

Hello guys,

i have a problem using checkbox col type in a grid and I hope somebody can support me here :slight_smile:

I have a grid which the first col type is a checkbox, per default all of them are enabled and if the user disable one and submit the form, HTTP POST Request parameters with all disabled checkbox are sent.

I guess that dhtmlx is generating internally a hidden input when the user deactive a checkbox.

Problem is that in the modifications I need to do, some checkboxes will be disabled per default, but for thoses ( that are initially disabled ) it doesn´t exist a HTTP POST Request parameters and I need them ( http request parameters ) to process with my tool…

Can somebody help me? I would really appreciate it…

Thanks and Br!

For a better understanding.

When the user activate or disable a checkbox a parameter will be sent in the request about it.

If the user doesn´t modify a checkbox, checkbox value ( doesn´t matter if it´s enabled or disabled ) will not be reported in the request as a parameter.

What I need is that checkbox value is reported in the request even if the user doesn´t manipulate it.




If you are using the integration with the html form:
You may try to use the submitOnlyChanged() method:

You helped me, thank you!:slight_smile:

Another question…

The solution you gave me works, it´s nice!

The problem is now we are sending over 1k params in the request… it´s possible to send the values of one specific col?

Thanks and Br


Unfortunately such feature is not supported.


I see, thank you for the fast answer :slight_smile: