Problems with Gantt.

Hi ,

Currently I am using 3.3.3 commercial version of the gantt.

Below are the multiple problems faced by me for the version:

  1. Linking of the tasks:

While creating links between tasks I am not able to create links for tasks at a certain level


  1. a parent task and its child task cannot be linked.
  2. A child task is having outgoing links to different tasks at different levels then the link is not created. (See the image file for a better Explanation of this)

I tried to have a snippet of the code but that was working fine. I had debugged the source code fo r the problem and have it as text on the image.

  1. Alignment of the tasks while viewing gantt.

please check out this snippet.


The tasks are not aligned properly for the dates given.

  1. Getting wrong dates using the gantt.serialize(‘json’)

please check out this snippet


the dates that i get using gantt.serialize is wrong

Thanks in Advance.