Problems with send, getFormData, bind on form with combo


I’m having a form with some inputs and two combo fields. Selecting an existing value in the combo, the functions send, getFormData returns the correct value.

If the user enters an new text in the combo field, the send/getformdata functions return null for the combo.

Whats the correct way to gets the correct value (text) of the combo with these functions?

Thanks in advance

This issue confirmed and will be fixed in nearest time. We will inform you when the fix will be available.

Has this issue been solved yet? I have the same problem over here, using version dhtmlxSuite_v30_pro_111031

Maybe a temporary fix?

Hey Olga,

Any word on this issue? Is there something I can do myself in this, maybe point me in the richt direction as to what function to edit for making this work?