Problems with tabbing inside grid on Chrome


I have a version 3.0 DHTMLX suite and inside a grid if the column is a Combo and you choose a value different to the one that is initially offered inside the Combo then when you tab OUT of that column it doesn’t go to the next column but instead tabs completely out of the grid. This doesn’t happen with Fire Fox.

Is there some way of preventing this please? The version of Chrome I’m using is 50.0.3071.115 64-bit on Ubuntu. I have however tested this on Windows Chrome as well and the same problem exists there too.

All help gratefully received with thanks.


Sorry the Chrome version is 59.0.3071.115

Please, try to update your dhtmlx version.
THe problem cannot be reconstructed with the latest version of the dhtmlxGrid.

Sematik, is there a later build of Suite 3.0? I’ll soon be purchasing the latest version of the Suite but the current system is quite a large complicated system and I’m reluctant to upgrade the whole system for just this functionality as some other stuff is likely to break.

If however there is an updated version of 3.0 then I’ll try that.

Thanks very much for your prompt response.


Please, try to email to and we’ll provide you with the latest 3.0 build we can find.
It seems to be: “dhtmlxSuite_v30_pro_111031”.