Problems with the scheduler post-data


I have a problem with the $_POST DATA.

When i change or create a appointment, I get this $POST

!nativeeditor_status    inserted

1254232203713_end_date     2009-10-1 17:10

1254232203713_id     1254232203713

1254232203713_start_date     2009-10-1 14:20

1254232203713_text     New event

ids     1254232203713

but when i edit the appointment secound time i get no $_POST data back.

To save it correctly in a database,i need every time i change the appointment a $_POST-DATA back

I hope you can help me

thanks Fabian

Please be sure that you have sent correct response for insert operation. If no correct response was received, client side code will not sent second request for the same row ( it will wait for finishing of first operation )

Are you using connectors or custom code?
In case of custom code , response must look similar to the next

Where tid - ID of event, after adding to a DB.