Problems with Timeline-View and Marking Date

Hello Together,

I am marking some days with another Background:

	    days:  [2,4,6],          
	    zones: "fullday",       
	    css:   "gray_section"   

And it works. But I have a problem with this view. The marked timespan doesnt fit the days as you can see on the attached Screenshot. Also I have a red line in the Scheduler since I included the dhtmlxscheduler_limit.js.

Have you got an idea where I can find the problem?

Is there a way to apply alternating Backgrounds to the sections?

Kind Regards,



It seems to me, that there are some empty collumns in the table (see attached screenshot), perhaps that helps.

Another Update:

The red line is removed, it was the actual date and time.

	scheduler.config.mark_now = false;

removed it.

The other problem is still there.