Problems with tree custom data and data processor

We use custom data with dhtmlx tree, and encountered a problem with data processor. It seems, that it can’t pass any additional data back to the tree after insert (or update) operation. It can only get the custom data from GET request, but can’t return it via XML back to the script.

Is it possible? If not, do you plan to add support for custom data for data processor? We try to workaround this problem with tree reloading, but it is sometimes unefficient, and would be unnecessary if only data processor could pass the custom data back to the tree.


Is it possible?
The events of dataprocessor can be extended, please check next articel ( it purposed for the grid, but dataprocessor logic are very similar for both components ) … aprocessor
"Custom server side responses" describes how custom response types can be used.
Instead of fully custom response you can extend existing one.

For example for insert operation , your server side code may generate next response

and on client side
function my_action(node){
return true; // allow default update processing

such logic allow to send any kind of additional data from server back to client and assign the logic which will fire when response received.
same can be used for “update” and “delete” response types

Ok, that works, but I do not see defineAction function in the docs. I just can’t find it, or it is not there? How do I find that function (and possibly others) in the documentation?

It is described in related article … aprocessor

This method doesn’t listed in API reference of dhtmlxgrid , because it quite specific and not necessary for common usage of the dataProcessor.