process lines

Dear all,

I would like to show the process lines in the chart.
Can we do that ?


I found solutions to solve.
I’m using the Javascript2D library for drawing and handle by coding.

Okay. Could you please tell us what do you mean by “process lines”?

Sorry, i mean it is the “progress line”.
It is the same in the MS project.

I see, we do have this - it’s called “percent complete”. When you set it larger than 0%, the task bar has this “progress line” as dark blue.

Thank you.
I understand about “percent complete” as dark blue.
But i want to make the same as red line in the picture as below.

Ah, it’s a different thing. I believe it will be nearly impossible to do those lines using html4.

I think that it is no problem if we use following library (it is using javascript to draw and supporting alot of function such as drawLine, drawRectangle, drawPolyline…etc).
As you can see in the picture, i can draw red lines. (it is not correct the x, y coordinate but we can correct them).

Correct, they use a lot of “div” elements to draw the line. Thank you for the note. We will keep this requirement in mind.