Processor stops on error

Hi ,
I’m using dhtmlx version 2.6

DataProcessor has been stoped after getting following massage:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>Table 'loyalty.pd_group1' doesn't exist - 12:32:05

User has to change the row when it stops then press save again. In other word, dataprocessor doesn’t send data to server for the second time.
Please help me.

myDataProcessor = new dataProcessor('./index.php?isxml=1&folder=./Modules/admin/usersgroup&pageName=update');
myDataProcessor.setTransactionMode('POST','false'); //set mode as send-all-by-post
myDataProcessor.setUpdateMode('off'); //disable auto-update
myDataProcessor.enableDataNames(true); //will use names instead of indexes
myDataProcessor.enablePartialDataSend(true);//send afected fielsd to server (no all fields)

myDataProcessor.stopOnError = true;
return true;});
//            myDataProcessor.enableDebug(true);

function dataProcessorSendData()

Is there any one who help me?

Which version of dhtmlx you are using?

By default, dataprocessor will not send the same row to the server side after receiving the “error” or “invalid” response. Row will be marked and will be ignored until user will not change anything in the data ( some edit operation )