progamatically setting selected:true on mulitselect

Is there an options function similar to
form.getSelect(fId).options.remove( optIdx )
but rather selects the option?

I have an array of values that need to be checked (selected) in a multiselect control based on incoming values

var a = [ 'col1', 'col2' ];

            {type: "multiselect", name: "mselect", label: "Columns:",
              options: [ { text:'col1', value:'col1' },  { text:'col2', value:'col2' }, { text:'col3', value:'col3' } ] }

Given the above code, I need to select the col1 and col2 options. I would love to be able to say
form.getSelect() ‘col1’ );

Any input?

So as soon as I hit ‘send’, I thought to myself

var a = [ 'col'1, 'col'2 ];
// multiselect id = mId
form.setItemValue( mId, a );

And that works. The documentation for setItemValue should probably reflect the nature of the second argument when using multiselect controls, i.e., it could be an array.


that’s correct, array should be used for multicelect.
we will fix the docs, thanks.