Progress bar locked - drag events calls "move" mode


I’ve got some issues finding why do the drag events onTaskDrag, onBeforeTaskDrag and onAfterTaskDrag all calls the “move” mode when I click & drag on the gant_task_progress_bar, making it impossible to change the progress value.
My gantt is not set in readonly, I can resize and move - these two modes works correctly.

Is there any config to set or NOT set that I could have missed somewhere that could disable this ?
I’ve not found any similar issues on this forum, but should there have one, please give me a link.



You can’t change task progress via dnd, is it correct? Could you provide any demo?

Possibly drag_progress option is set to false. ( … onfig.html)

Exactly Sten, I can’t change progress with d’n’d.
It’s not related to config.show_progress, already tried to set it to true.

My code is a bit long, trying to do a “demo code”, I figured that it only happens in my CodeIgniter project.

Here is an example of code that still gets that issue in my CodeIgniter :


It seems your code works fine (

Possibly you doesn’t return true on any onBeforeTaskDrag event handler.

Yeah, it works fine outside of my CodeIgniter project. The exact same code called with CodeIgnite makes it impossible to drag&drop the progress bar.

Is there any known issue with CodeIgniter ?

Oh, my mistake. This is solved sorry!

I got into the DHTMLxGantt source code, in the _get_drag_mode function. The switch there takes the class name of the event source; the part about “move” mode was disactivated. Uncommenting this part solved the issue.

It looks like the guy who worked on the project commented the line, and I was unaware of this as he’s not been here since I started working on it.

Thanks Sten for having tried to help!