Progress Bar when the grid is getting rendered


I am using DhtmlxGridfromTable where grid is instantiated from HTML table and not from XML fie with distributed parsing enabled using the following code :

<table id=“grid” name=“grid” onbeforeinit=“grid.enableDistributedParsing(true,5,50);”

It works fine but the user does not know when the grid has been entirely rendered , so we need to implement something like progress bar when the grid is rendered in chunks.Could you please help me how to implement this requirement and what are the callbacks provided by DhtmlxGridFromTable.

Note :

1) DhtmlxGrid is made out of table and not from XML.

2) We are using dhtmlxTreeGrid v.2.1 Professional edition


You can use “onXLE” and “onXLS” event to fetch time of starting and ending data loading. Please find example here … ation.html. This will work for grid initialized from HTML table also.