ProgressOn/Off Not working in Google Chrome

Hi Dhtmlx Team,

I used progressOn and progressOff after a userloged in Successfully.
ie in my product after successfull login large amount of data is being loaded at first such as Gird , combos, forms, Accordian , charts and graphs … So i want to show loading screen till all these data get loded and used the below code. and it works fine in Mozilla Firefox… but wen comes to chrome
$(window).bind(“load”, function() is not working for the first time and the loading screen still active and all other events are disabed… even I can’t logout .
But if I refresh the url again $(window).bind(“load”, function() works and the loading screen disappears…This is my issue… how Can I fix it ? I want the loading screen at first… ie before data loading and after all loding completed it must dissappear .

FunctionName.progressOn(true, dhxLayout, null);
$(window).bind(“load”, function() {
FunctionName.progressOff(true, dhxLayout, null);

How to force javascript function execute synchronously/sequentially? in chrome


you can create a demo and write short how-to reproduce and attach it here or share direct link. if pro version - please send it to

please include all corresponding js/css files into your demo


Any solution for this issue? I am also facing the same problem and I wrote in the below post.

It is working on firefox but not working on chrome and IE.

Thank you.


I replied here viewtopic.php?f=17&t=50082