progressShow() Problem

I have charts and grids on a page and I offer the user the ability to ‘download’ these using the DHX method (export.pdf; export.png; export.xlsx). There is a major delay between when the user initiates the export and when the dialogue box (finally) shows up on the screen to let the user save the file.

Because the 2-3 second gap - without any indication that something is (or will) happen - users are doing what users do … they are clicking multiple times thinking nothing is happening. I thought using a layout progressShow() method would be a good way to handle this but after the export is launched, all the progressShow() does is create a blank screen until the user accepts (saves) the download, then the blank screen disappears and the spinner (progressShow()) starts. Why am I getting this blank screen and how do I stop this and just have the spinner show? This is happening whether I initiate the progressShow() before the export call or after - no difference.

The export functionality works async and all the routine performs at backend, so there is no any sense to use the progress cover in this case as the progressHide will be called right after the progressShow.
There are no events allowing to detect the export progress, so in this case a better solution will be to display a message to a user, that will inform him that the export is in process.

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Thank you for the clarification. I did not know that and now it all makes sense. Thank you (and thank you for the suggestion as well).