Project display


I want to change the way my projects are displayed but i cant find how or better i dont know if its even possible.

I have multiple projects and the projects have multiple tasks spread over days.

When i collapse my tasks for every project i see only my project bars so far so good.

however when i have multi task that have empty space between the tasks i dont want my project bar to have the full lengt of my beginning task bar to end bar. Only the space that my tasks fill.

So is it possible that my project bar is cut in pieces?


you can redefine function that displays the project … onfig.html
There you can display project as required - you’ll need to retrieve the child items and create colored blocks at the appropriate times. Gantt timeline items are absolute positioned, you’ll need to use gantt.posFromDate method that calculates position from date values … ldren.html … mdate.html