project progress does not update


I want to have no progress slider on project types (they sould depend on the progress of its childs) - and as far as I understand this should be default behaviour if the task has the parent set (taken from the docs here: … ojecttasks)

But even in your examples, for example … tones.html this seems not to work. I would expect that changing the progress of task #4.1 will also update/change the progress of task #4 (which is a project type).

Thanks for any hints.

Regards, Jörg

Oh, i forget: tried this in 2.1.1 and 3.0


no, it’s not the default behavior. Project task changes it’s start/end dates based on child items, but not the progress.
Please check this topic

ah, ok - than i missunderstood the docs. Thanks for the link, i will have a look!