Propagating changes to table by server-side program

I have dhtmlxGrids on my client side mapped to a SQL table through a dataProcessor-dhtmlxConnector pair.

An independent server-side program will be updating the same SQL table from time to time (rather rarely).

Is there an easy and efficient way (through live_updates?) to see the changes made by the server-side application propagated to the dhtmlxGrids?

(Intuitively, I was thinking that the server-side program could say to dhtmlxConnector/live_updates something like “Row id x in table y has been updated, please see that the client-side Grids are also updated efficiently.”)

Unfortunately such feature is not available.
You may only reload the data of your grid on the client-side using clearAndLoad() or updateFromXML() methods.


Thank you for your answer.

Could such a feature be considered in a future release?

unfortunately we’re not planning to add such feature as it is not available to create a universal solution for different server-side platforms now.
You may post with the details of the needed functionality and we may create a custom extension for you.