Property Grid

I saw the property grid extension for the dhtmlx grid and have several questions before diving in:

A. Is it difficult to attach other DHX widgets to it, such as

[list]1. numeric up/down
3. sliders
4. progress bar(s)
5. date/time

B. Can SVG objects (graph or sparkline) or DHX chart objects (canvas) be embedded easily?
B. Is it friendly to custom editors & renderers? (read-only filtering, aggregated values, rendering to drop-down dialog boxes).
C. Is there anything in it that would respond negatively to heavy update loads from HTML-5 server-side events (think .100 to .150 ms).[/list:u]

Thanks in advance, Rob

Sorry, correction: not .15 ms, .15 seconds. . . .

(a)(b) the control is quite basic it support only default grid editors ( text, select, checkbox, etc. )
© custom editor’s can be create, the same as custom cell types for the grid
(d) depends on size of data that will be shown in such way. Lets say if you have less than a 100 rows in the propertyGrid - there will not be any problems with updating and repainting.

Thanks for the info. We shall put it through its paces.