Purchased in Sept 2013 and got an email w/ license expired

Our company purchased dhtmlxSuite Pro the end of September of 2013, yet yesterday I got an email stating that the license had expired on October 30, 2013 and I needed to purchase a new one. Is this correct or is the system gone wonky?


if your company has purchased Commercial license with Standard Support plan, then support period which includes unlimited number of tickets is just 1 month. If number of submitted tickets during that month was less than 5, then you can use them during following 11 months. You also entitled to get at least 1 major update for free, even if there was no update during first month.

You can buy 1 year subscription which includes Premium Support plan (unlimited number of tickets during 1 year). Buying it you automatically get upgrade of your Commercial license to Enterprise.

As to the license itself - it is perpetual and you do not need to prolong it. Although you may use only those versions which you’ve got with official update.