Put 1st cell in edit mode after load() AND onPageChanged()

The goal is for the first editable cell (index=3) in the grid to receive focus and be editable after the grid is loaded AND after the user clicks a page button.

The goal is achieved after the grid is loaded, but not after an onPageChanged event happens.

        mygrid.enablePaging(true, 15, 10, "pagingControls", true);

        mygrid.attachEvent("onPageChanged", function(ind, fInd, lInd) {
            mygrid.selectCell(fInd, 3, false, false, true);


        mygrid.load("myLocatingConnector.ashx", function() {
            mygrid.selectCell(0, 3, false, false, true);

Can you please tell me how to correct my code? Thanks.

You should use:

mygrid.selectCell(0, 3, false, true, true);