Q.2.Using dhtmlxcommon.js from the latest dhtmlxWindow packa

Hi Alex,

I am using enterprise license copy for dhtmlx suite in my live application. If i downloaded latest dhtmlx window from your website will there be any license issues (since downloaded will be freeware)?

I am repeating my query/issue again here.

I am creating window using dhtmlx windows and attaching url for aspx page. On aspx page i am dynamically creating list of links(hyperlink). When i click link header of windows gets invisible or can say shifted above.


Please suggest/advice…






please, take a look at the attached sample - the issue isn’t reproduced here.

This sample contains the latest windows version. Please, try to use dhtmlxwindows.js form the attachment.

If the issue still persists, please provide the sample

1248254387.zip (53.5 KB)