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Updated code to
            //init dataprocessor and assign verification function
            myDataProcessor = new dataProcessor(“php/update.php”);
            //add after-update event handler

only observable effect is that you can build the tree on the client
side without error but nothing is getting written into the database.
(As stated previously).

The sample code get.php and update.php
may be applicable for your public site for people to ‘play’ with but it
is NOT USEFUL for downloading and installing locally in a development
environment! It would appear that enableDebug(True) interrupts all communication with the database. I downloaded the Pro edition and installed into my web running on my localhost.

morning after restarting my computer I could no longer see any part of
the tree. I checked the table in the database and confirmed that all
records from the previous day were persisted. I ran the get.php and
observed an empty XML tree. I checked the get.php code and noticed -
GUID=’".$_SESSION[“id”] . Silly me. Here I was thinking that the column
in the database named GUID actually stood for Globally Unique
IDentifier. Remember my first post re GUID.

I replaced the GUID=’".$_SESSION[“id”]."’ with True in get.php and was able to retrieve yesterday’s records.

Unfortunately, doing the same minor code change in update.php did not fix the problems experienced when Inserting, Updating and Deleting nodes.

confirmed that what ever you have running on your public web site
produces the results as expected. I even got to see messages appear in
the grey box next to the treebox. In my local installation I see no
messages whatsoever.

From javascript perspective

are two different commands. “True” ( with capital T ) will be treated as unknown identifier and will throw js error, which block any further commands.

Whith var used in sample code to separate data for different sessions , it has not relation to data in grid and used only for sample purposes.
Technically you can write any custom server side code, which will process data in necessary way, the format of incoming parameters and expected response described at
dhtmlx.com/docs/products/ dhtmlxGrid/doc/articles/Dataprocesor_usage.html#grid_art_dataprocessor