Q) When we make some rows hidden, then we still see those in

Q) When we make some rows hidden, then we still see those in the printPreview of the grid. Is there a way to avoid seeing the hidden rows in preview?
A) The printPreview in current version shows all data from grid, including hidden rows, we plan to update functionality in oncoming build

Q) Can cntr(counter) and ch(checkbox) in each row come in single column?
A) There is no way to merge functionality of existing excell, such behaviour can be accomplished only by creating custom exCell

Q) Is there any we can set label of newly attached header?
A) The grid doesn’t provide API to access cells of header, but you can create a header with named container in it



Q) Can attached headers column have separate click event as main headers?
A) All functionality which works by default for main header line, work for others in same manner. In case of custom events, the onHeaderClick event contains info about rowIndex in which click occurs, so you can customize reaction.

Q) In our application we need checkboxes in each column�s header, but as user checked it the grid gets sorted. But we need that sorting when user clicks on header column and not while clicking in checkbox.
A) the grid header threat values as HTML , so there is no problem with adding checkboxes in them. To prevent sorting, you just need to stop event propaganation, something to next

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