Quarter of a Year

Dear people,

I was wondering if somebody has a clue on how I can only display 3 months (90 days) in a view.

What I would like is to display a quarter of a year.

is this possible, and how?
or can anybody give me a direction to edit the source files.

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You can modify Timeline view to display 3 months or use Year extension to display whole year.

If that’s not the options - how do you want your view to be displayed?

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Actually I had to create a custom view.

I used mini calendar and DHTMLXLayout to make 2 views
on the right are 3 mini calendars taking up 20% of the browser.

on the left are all the events of a quarter of a year.
Basically what I want now is something like this:

I want to take the current date (i.e new Date():wink:
And check in which month that falls (let’s say April) and let the code automatically check in which quarter we are (in this case 2nd quarter of the year). and show all events from april 1st till end of June (where the 2nd quarter ends)

I just need this calculation, I can’t quite figure it out.

to see an example take a look at the attached screenshot

Many thanks


Your screenshot wasn’t attached, please try again.
Still not sure how do you display those 3 months but the described calculations are simple:

var date = new Date(); var month_number = date.getMonth(); var quarter_number = Math.floor(month_number / 3); // 0, 1, 2, 3
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Thanks Ilya,

I calculated the same, I got it working now, it’s still not complete but this does exactly what I needed.