Question about #select_filter

I have a problem with “&” (ampersand) in the grid column that has #select_filter
The data for grid population is coming from database I have pure & in the database field, grid is populated via xml coming from database return and comes in this form

See the fifth cell is “Trading & Compliance” turned to “Trading & Compliance”. When grid is rendered in html page it will show double
“Trading & Compliance” and “Trading & Compliance”

The most disturbing thing is it will filter on both but result is very unreliable, when you filter on one and then on another , after a couple of switching back and forth, you get no rows on the option with pure “&”.

I tried to user eXcell like this :

function eXcell_amper(cell) {
            if (cell) {
                this.cell = cell;
                this.grid = this.cell.parentNode.grid;
            this.edit = function () { } 
            this.isDisabled = function () { return true; }
            this.setValue = function (val) {
                this.setCValue(val.replace("&", "and"));

But even then, it will show double in the filter dropdown. The problem is fixed when I change “&” to “and” in the database, but this should be a very last resort. I really need to be able to work “&” out in the data and only have one option in the filter dropdown.

Please, try to use the “rotxt”(“txttxt”) column type instead of “ro”(“txt”).