Question on how to implement server side methods


I am attempting to use dhtmlxtree to update, insert and delete data for an existing application. I have successfully loaded data into the tree by calling a server side method which renders json data to the tree. (server side is in java)

However, I now need to insert, update and delete rows based on user input. I’d like to use the dataprocessor in order to handle the client side interactions, but I cannot use the connector on the server side because the existing application already handles the database connection differently and is rendering the data via json data set.

Can anyone direct me to information about the methods I would need to implement in order to write my own server side handler? What are the methods that are called by the dataprocessor and what parameters are passed?

Thanks in advance for your help.

See the docs about incoming parameters here: … parameters
And you can try the sample in the suit: … _data.html