Questions about dhtmlx grid

I used jqeury grid, but have some difficulties. I want to know several things about dhtmlx grid:

  1. in jqery grid, It has a add and delete built-in button for the user to add / remove row. Does dhtmlx grid have the same thing? or do I need to create buttons for those particular purpose?
  2. Lets say I want a column to be a dropdown column. Does dhtmlx have an event, like say onDropDown that fires everytime the particular column is being dropped down?
  3. I have two entities : city and building. THese two entities are represented as two dropdown columns in the grid. Lets say I have New York and Washington in the city dropdown. New York has Empire State Building and Rock Plaza, while Washington has Capitol and White House. I want that when I pick NY in city column, the building column will only contain Empire State and Rock. When city is WA, then building should contain Cap and White House. in jqery grid, I must repopulate building everytime the city is changed. I prefer repopulating the building only when building column is being dropped down using event I mentioned in point number 2, not when city column is changed. This jqery way is very inefficient.
  4. Usually the dropdown has two columns, one for code and one for the display. But only the display column is displayed when column is being dropped down and the code value is used when saving the grid data to server. In jqery grid, since the dynamic column is building (changed according selected city), I must repopulate building column with all buildings (both NY’s and WA’s buildings) before saving data, or else the buildings won’t get saved (all buildings are null). What about dhtmlx grid?

Please help me. I’m in a deadline to decide what grid product to use in my next project in my office. Thanks

Unfortunately you wiill have to add such buttons by your hands.
But it allows to configure the adding of a row for your needs.(adding a unique id, values of cells, position of the new row in the grid…)

there is onEditCell event which fires when the editor of any cell is opens

Unfortunately in dhtmlx you also will have to repopulate the values of the “building” column after the choosing of a city.

You may try to clear all options of “building” and add new after the choosing of city.