Questions about Grid

hello. Please can you tell me:

1 - is it possible to sort on a different value than is displayed? For example, display:

John Adams
Charles Brignall
David Close

But for sorting purposes, use these strings:

Adams, John
Brignall, Charles
Close, David

2 - can we insert custom icons into a column? Can they have a tooltip? Can the icon be ignored for sorting purposes?

3 - is it possible to have a single ‘search’ box that covers all columns in one, rather than separate ones for each column? So you get one search box and if it finds any matching data in the grid


1,2: The best solution in this case is to create a custom column type, which will have the value and the displaying text.
Here you can find a tutorial about creating custom column types with the examples: … olumntypes

  1. You may redefine the filter logic. Here you can find a tutorial with the example demonstrating the exact the same logic you needed: … ilterlogic