Questions about recurring event

I have a few questions

  1. “end by” not working … ring.shtml
    In above demo, I try to set a normal recurring event with
    “weekly”, “repeat every 1 week next days on Tuesday” and “End by 24.7.2012”.
    time period: “00:00 3 July 2012” - “00:05 3 July 2012”.
    I found that it would not stop after the “end by” date which is 24.7.2012. Is it a bug or did I do some wrong?

  2. Is it able to limit the repeat event only show the “daily” and “weekly” options? And any other way I can customize the options in recurring event?

  3. (This question is more general) Is it possible to limit the time period field, so that the user can only select time within that day?

Someone please help!!!


  1. ‘end by’ input expects date in MM.dd.yyyy format, which can be changed with this option … onfig.html

  2. Currently there is no built-in way to do so. The only thing you can do is to hide unneded options with JavaScript when lightbox is displayed:

[code]scheduler.attachEvent(“onLightbox”, function(){
var node = scheduler.formSection(“recurring”).node;
// find controls in node DOM element and hide them with ‘display:none’

});[/code] … ction.html … event.html

  1. There is also no built-in way. Probably you can do the same way as in (2) and hide second day-month-year selectors with javascript. Or you can live only time selects visible, so the user will be able to select only time