questions about some of my web sites

Above all compliments for your suite! it’s very very complete and i want to use it in my projects (i’m a webapp programmer). So some question:

1 - i want to re-styling my site about car races history ( It’s a no profit site, only to create a community for passionates of car racing: so can i use now the standard suite?
2 - i have in mind to buy a virtual server where to host webapps into a cloud: who want to use my webapps must login, choose the webapp and use it, buying a month total. So i must have a pro license for it?

thank you!

Yes, you can use dhtmlxSuite Standard for free under the terms of GNU GPL v2.

If you do not want to open the source code of your apps (which is required by GPL), you should purchase a Commercial or Enterprise License. In case you plan to use DHTMLX in several applications, you’ll need to buy the Enterprise License (or one Commercial License per application).