questions about tabbar

dear sir, thank you for answering my first question.

Here I have 2 more advance questions need some assistance Folder (3).zip

please don’t be afraid, this is the sample code that I created after you asnwered my question. There is no virus or harmful script. Please be fine to see what I did.

Okay, so back to the topic.

I wanted to create a 4 side tabber with different content on each tabber

I don’t know if it will work, but my very question is

if you see the sample appearance, it comes out without order. They aren’t in a 4-side position, instead, each is appears at a dfferent spot.

I want to create something similar to the live demo. What I have troubled is how do you take those

tag onto a 4-side position. This is what I have been doing for an hour.

You can check next sample … 7351219000
( full code exist in your package at dhtmlxtabbar/samples/tabs_orientation/tab_all.html )

Update file fro your sample attached to post. (711 Bytes)

Dear Sir,

Yes I realized it. But your update cdoes worked very well.

I just have one more question. Is it possible, to assign different tab with different xml file and each display a different content?
from the code and the trial - error I don’t see anything is being display.

I have 1.xml, 2.xml, 3.xml, 4.xml and 5.xml for each tab
but none of them will display any content from each xml.
Is is the limit to the free-user?
I am sorry to bother you…

New Folder (2).zip (153 KB)

Is is the limit to the free-user?
This is not related to the pro|standard differences.
The tabbar doesn’t have hative solution for use-case , which you want to implements, but it can be done with some custom code attached to tabbars events.
Updated sample attached.

3948723f.ZIP (139 KB)