Questions from a Prospective User

Recently, I have been searching across the web for a Scheduler component for use within the ASP.NET MVC environment and came across DHTMLXScheduler.

Initally, it looks to solve a majority of the issues that I have found lacking within other similar components, primarily :

A Multiple Resources View
Reoccurring Events

However, for a majority of our needs, I would need to combine both of these elements and after tinkering with the 30-day trial briefly, I figured that this would be a better place to ask the following questions.

1.) Can these two styles be easily integrated within one another (ie a Multiple Resources View that supports re-occurrence?)

2.) Can reoccurring events be handled manually? For instance, when an event is set to “reoccur” I might have the need to manually generate a single “instance” of the event in the database (for future reporting needs) instead of using a single event in the database that would handle the re-occurrence.

3.) Are all of the Views related to CRUD operations for events purely generated through Javascript (ie the Create or Modify “Modal” windows that appear) or can they be applied through proper MVC Views or the use of some other data-binding mechanism like Knockout?

Any insight for any of the issues would be greatly appreciated and I think the DHTMLXScheduler would be an excellent fit if it can fulfill some or all of these needs.

Thanks for your time.

Yep, recurring events work for all modes. They definitely work in both units and timeline modes.

Current implementation stores all occurences as a single record ( which solves issue with long and unlimeted recuring events ). It possible to have separate records for each ( some ) occurences in DB. Scheduler makes such record when event in serie has different time when all other events.
There is no way to save the recuring event as a bunch of records automatically.

We have this feature in out short term TODO list, so it quite possible that it will be included in the next version ( not confirmed yet )

You can use a custom MVC view for the lightbox … a_lightbox