Questions on recurring-scheduler

Hi Team,

I used recurring-scheduler but I got below problems:

  1. scheduler.attachEvent(“onBeforeEventDelete”,function(id)),
    They both were defined in “dhtmlxscheduler_recurring.js” and “dhtmlxscheduler.js”, so whether I should to update them in one file (or delete one)?

  2. After I clicked “Save” button when I added a event, but the recurring events didn’t show in scheduler before I manually update it again.


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They both were defined in “dhtmlxscheduler_recurring.js” and “dhtmlxscheduler.js”
Multiple instances of handler can be attached to the same event, so you need not to delete anything ( both handlers defined in the code and custom handlers will be triggered for related events )

After I clicked “Save” button when I added a event,
Are you adding events by default actions, or directly through API?

Hi Stanislav,

I added the reccuring event with the default action.

In most time I must edit the reccuring event to make it show in scheduler view.

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Can you provide some sample or demo link?