1 - Can I load user controls into the appointment slots for displaying details
2 - Can the control display a week view without times on the left side (see attached image)

It is complicated. Scheduler expects that each event box is rendered by the template, you can include any html in templates, so it quite possible to use user-controls, but it will be used as template ( rendered once, and dupplicated for each event ) - result may be not the expected one.

Week view can’t show data in such mode, but you can configure timeline ( week scale on top, single section with zero width ) and it will look nearly the same.

but I could use a placeholder control in my template and then load user controls into the placeholder in the itemdatabound event

Event boxes can be repainted in many situations ( for example swtching between view )
So any modification directly in html of a rendered event will not be preserved, and will disappear after some actions.

ok, thanks