Quick question about statusbar and layout object

I am trying to get a POC going to show how we could really use your components at my job. And I am ALMOST there. I am just having trouble with one thing. I have a window that is going to use a layout in 3L format. The left will be a grid, the top right just a plain window / div, and the bottom right another grid. I have everything working but the status bar. When I use IE 8 to look at the page and select the status bar div, it indicates that the div is at the very top of the page and not showing. Here is a snippet of the code. I left out many of the details, but I was hoping this would be enough. Am I doing something in the wrong order? I cannot figure it out. Long store of it is that the status bar is nowhere on the screen…but I can find the DIV with a dom explorer and it is position at the very top underneath everything else.

dhxLayout = new dhtmlXLayoutObject(document.body,“3L”);

statusBar = dhxLayout.attachStatusBar();

statusBar.setText(“Please select one or more diagnoses to add to active client.”);

toolBar = dhxLayout.cells(“a”).attachToolbar();

dhxLayout.cells(“a”).fixSize(true, true);

dhxLayout.cells(“b”).fixSize(true, true);

dhxLayout.cells(“c”).fixSize(true, true);

The issue was not reproduced locally.

Pleae, check attached sample.

If issue still persists, pleae provide the complite demo that demonstrates the problem

1240576846.zip (52.6 KB)

Sorry.  I had made a custom skin for everything but the outline.  Once I did that, it all worked fine.