quickWindow.attachURL(url, true) method throwing error


We are using below script in our application and when quickWindow.attachURL(url, true) is executed we are getting java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: name . We are checked our actions which are fine. Pls help us.

function assignIssues() { var issues = getCheckedRows(); if (null == issues) { displayErrorMessage(getActionMessagesSection(), "No issue is selected. Please select the issue(s) you want to update and try again!"); return; } jQuery(getActionMessagesSection()).hide(); createPopupWindow(500, 380); var url = contextPath + '/bulkOperationsFromBacklog!default.jspa?projectId='+getProjectId()+'&versionName='+getVersionName()+'&issues='+issues+'&action=ASSIGNEE'; quickWindow.attachURL(url, true); bulkOperationWindowProperties("Assign..."); dhxWins.attachEvent("onContentLoaded", postLoadAssigneeDialog); bindEscEvent(); }

Unfortunately the issue cannot be reproduced locally.
Please, clarify what component is causing the problem and make sure that you’ve created a post in a proper topic.