r has no properties

I have a problem with dhtmlxGrid.

I use your “Sample. Using Grid with PHP/MySQL” sample.

When I edit a cell, I have a “r has no properties” error.

An idea ?

There is no such error occurs while local testing. Do you use the same datasource as generated by test script or custom one?
The similar error can be caused by using non-unique item IDs or calling some operations against row which not exists in grid.
Please check the XML which used for initial grid generation - probably it has non unique IDs.

I have the same problem with unique ids. The grid is loaded from XML and editable. A row is moved. The grid marks the “old” row with a line through to signify deletion. When another row is selected the dataProcessor update event is triggered. Before the update can occur “r has no properties” is returned in dataProcessor._getRowData(). this.rowsAr[] contains the updated id passed to _getRowData(). However the value is null!? It should be a


I am using dhtmlxGrid and TreeGrid 1.2. The grid contains a tree.

Sounds like a bug.

Please contact us directly at support@dhtmlx.com and provide your ref. number, we will send you latest version of dataProcessor lib. - it must resolve issue.