Radar chart doesn't work


I tried the radar chart but it didn’t work, it just drawed an empty square.
I downloaded dhtmlxchart and I copy & pasted this exemple in a sample file.
I checked the js path but it seems good.
Did i forget something or the radar chart’s exemple isn’t up to date ?

Thanks for your time,

Do you mean that you can’t get the result based on our demo code?
Here is a local result:

Try to send us your completed demo, which you try to make.
docs.dhtmlx.com/doku.php?id=othe … leted_demo

What I meant is I only get the frame of the chart, but it’s blank inside.

Complete Demo.zip (18.6 KB)

You have an old version, which is not suuport radar type. Apdate your chart to 3.5 - and get the result.

Thanks for the answer Darya !

I downloaded the chart library standard Edition 3.5 whith this link but when I open dhtmlxchart.js, I still see dhtmlx.version=“3.0”

I found my mistake. I used the file dhtmlxchart.js from the “source” directory instead of the “codebase” directory and it worked :slight_smile:

Good :slight_smile: