Radio button and checkboxes


Is it possible to have radio buttons in a tree at one level and all of it’s children as checkboxes?


level 1 (no checkbox or radio)
level 2 (radio buttons)
level 3 (checkbox)


i think i’ve found the answer thanks

No, don’t worry about explaining your solution. It’s not like anyone else would ever have the same question. :unamused:

For future reference:

I am loading data via the lazy loading XML requests. The way I got around this was to enable checkboxes for the whole tree, then I set up an onXLS event.
Then, if the node I’m retrieving matched the level I wanted radio buttons for, I enabled it. If it didn’t match, I disabled it.

tree.attachEvent('onXLS',function(sourceTree,nodeId){ if(nodeId=='radio'){ sourceTree.enableRadioButtons(nodeId,true); }else{ sourceTree.enableRadioButtons(nodeId,false); } });

If I didn’t want the radio button to show for a particular node, I included the “nocheckbox” attribute in the XML.