radio button in grid is no functional

I’ve tried using a radio button instead of a combo box in a grid and it just doesn’t seem to work.
The reason for a radio button is to select mutually exclusive items, but the radio button item only seems to show one button. I may as well use a checkbox for this as its either set or unset.
What I want is a column that says ‘Gender’ and the two choices are ‘Male’ or ‘Female’. This only requires one click to change gender rather than two clicks for a combo box.

Am I doing something wrong?
this is my XML column definition:


“ra” radio button doesn’t have such use-case. It can allow you to use only one radio button at one cell.
Please find “ra” eXCell documentation here … e_types#ra

As a work around you can create custom eXcell type which will have any number of radio buttons at one cell. Please find tutorial here … creation&s[]=custom&s[]=excell

Ok, I’m evaluating the controls right now and haven’t purchased the professional edition so custom controls are not available to me, and neither is setting the date format - which makes date input not useful to anyone in the US (dates are in M/D/Y format).

But back to the radio button - this means is no difference between a checkbox and a radio button, so there’s no point having a radio button unless by clicking on it - it turns off the selected state of a radio button in the same group. This is why its called a radio button - by pushing the button on your radio - you change your radio station.

It really needs this functionality.

Actually custom eXcell type is available in Standard version. Provided demo is marked as PRO because of it uses setNumberFormat() which available in PRO version only.
You can create custom eXcell type which will display more then one radio button in one cell without using date formatting.

BTW you can contact and ask for full-featured evaluation version of the PRO edition.