Radio buttons in form layout

I am using Scheduler 5.2 and the radio button layout I used in 4.x were arranged vertically with the ‘vertical: true’ option, but now it is not working on the 5.x like it should, it is arranged horizontally no matter what I do. I am using the Material Design style. Please help.


Please update the code of the snippets to reproduce the issue and make it clear for both versions:

Then I will try to find a solution.

Both of these snippets have {vertical: true} on the radio types, but the radio buttons are shown horizontally.


Sorry, you are right.

To solve the issue you can either add the next CSS rule:

.dhx_cal_ltext.dhx_cal_radio br{display:block}

or contact support team to get a build with a fix if you are licensed user.

Thanks so much. Perfect.