radio not bind

Hi, I’m trying t bind a radio item in a form.
The XML-code is:

<item type="label" label="Deumidificazione ad assorbimento chimico"/>
		<item type="radio" name="bagn_deum_ass_chim" bind="bagn_deum_ass_chim" value="N" label="No"></item>
		<item type="radio" name="bagn_deum_ass_chim" bind="bagn_deum_ass_chim" value="Y" label="Si"></item>
		<item type="label" label="Deumidificazione a ciclo frigorifero"/>
		<item type="radio" name="bagn_deum_ciclo_frigo" bind="bagn_deum_ciclo_frigo" value="0" label="No"/>
		<item type="radio" name="bagn_deum_ciclo_frigo" bind="bagn_deum_ciclo_frigo" value="1" label="Si"/>

The radio save the correct value in the MySQL Database related field, but the correct value doesn’t displayed when the form is (re)loaded: No radio is checked.
In the same form I’ve others type of controls and everyone save data correctly.

Any suggest?

what version of dhtmlxForm do you have?

Did you manage to get this done? I am having the same issue and would like to know how you dealt with it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!