Rails ROR dhtmlxscheduler


I am looking for a tutorial or some tips on how to get started with the scheduler and rails. I am looking for something like the grid tutorial with rails, and was wondering if anyone has anything they could share. It would be greatly appreciated.



Please check following sample:
support.dhtmlx.com/x-files/sampl … eduler.zip

It uses a bit outdated rails but should help you the tips.

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Thanks, i will give it a go.


Thanks i have the scheduler showing but am having difficulties loading the data. The example uses scheduler.load("/events/records") and did have a ‘records.xml’ file in the ‘events’ folder and also a route to ‘records’ in the ‘event_controller’ file. I changed the records.xml file to records.builder (think this is correct) but i events are not being loaded.

Any ideas of the updates that i need to make. I am also very new to ruby, so not sure if i have routed correctly etc.


Original sample load data directly from DB

/events/records -> app\controllers\events_controller.rb -> @records = Event.all

If you want to load from static xml you can just use


if you want to redefine the source fo data - you can use any operations in controller, just be sure to apply records.rxml to the dataset ( you can alter records.rxml as well, but start_date, end_date, text fields are mandatory and can’t be removed )