Re: DhtmlxScheduler

Dear folks,

Dhtmlxscheduler latest version (double tap event)is not working properly on windows 8 and touch device. please any one can can help me out??? Thanks in advance.

please specify the device and the browser.
I’ve just checked the example on a surface pro, windows 8.1 … lines.html
double tap seems working correctly in IE11 and Chrome

Device Spec: Thosiba satellite p55bt (touch screen) / lenovo thinkpad (touch screen) windows 8.1

Browser Spec: IE 11

Note: In chrome it’s working fine.


Is there any update on this?

sorry for the delay, we’re still getting to it…
as a quickest solution - you can conditionally disable touch support on touch screen laptops in IE11 - … onfig.html

scheduler.config.touch = false;

We’ll provide a stable solution as soon as possible, sorry for the inconvenience