Re-painting on adding event


I am loading the scheduler events from a database using the load method. On initial rending it takes a little while to load but the ajax loader comes up whilst loading and rendering all events.

When adding a new event to the schedule, the lightbox takes a few seconds (3/4 seconds) before opening. It appears as if all events are re-painted and rendered and thus slowing down the lightbox from opening up.

Is there a way one can stop all events from rendering when a new event is added?

I have noticed that in the past changes where made to the mvc extension file that supports this but I am using the load method and not mvc.

Please help.

scheduler must redraw all items when the new one is added because the new event can affect allocation of other items. So in this case redrawing can’t be suppressed by built-in means

You can workaround this by setting inner flag of the scheduler that prevents redrawing of events. Set flag before event is created and return it to the default state after lightbox is opened

[code]scheduler.attachEvent(“onBeforeEventCreated”, function(){
scheduler._not_render = true;
return true;

scheduler.attachEvent(“onLightbox”, function(){
scheduler._not_render = false;
return true;
However, usually such rendering not cause a problem, unless you add many events in loop (for such cases you should use scheduler.parse). Can you please give a link to the problematic page so i could check?