Re render scheduler

Hi team…
I have a little problem. I want to re render the Gantt chart according to the data I get from the AJAX.
Nothing is working right.
Please suggest something as our production application’s performance is being compromised.

Best regards

will i ever get a reply?

Hi @aqdus,

The name of a topic is “Re render scheduler”, but also you write that you “want to re render the Gantt chart”.
As Gantt and Scheduler are different components, could you please clarify which one did you mean?

Also, could you please clarify, what do you mean as

“Nothing is working right.”?

It’s hard to suggest what goes wrong, as I don’t know what exactly is the issue.

In the case of the scheduler, you can manually re-render it by calling the render()method: or with thesetCurrentView` method, which does the same

Here is the render method for gantt:

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