RE: setting the date in a simple calendar

Unfortunatly the solution you provided the same results as I have been getting… I still have 3 calendars for the month of May. I tried your solution which was the following:

There are no public methods to do that. But you can try to use the following approach:

miniPastCal = new dhtmlxCalendarObject(‘mini_cal_past’);

miniPastCal.setDate (new Date(0)); Date()).getMonth()-1); Date()).getFullYear());


miniNextCal = new dhtmlxCalendarObject(‘mini_cal_next’);

miniNextCal.setDate (new Date(0)); Date()).getMonth()+1); Date()).getFullYear());


Any ideas where I go from here?



Please, check attached sample - it demonstrates the soultion provided in the previous answer (70.5 KB)