React Gantt - Custom sidebar header


I’m currently trying out the React Gantt chart but I want to change the functionality of the sidebar when I edit the forms. I want the cancel or close button to actually ignore changes.

Is there a way to customize the “sidebar” header?

I tried using the template prop but it only gives me the ability to change the body of the sidebar.


Also I would love to be able to modify the Save button so that it saves updates onClick of the save button instead of the suggested alternative in the docs where it saves on every update. I don’t want to hammer my server with every text input.


Unfortunately it is not so easy.
It possible to customize the content of sidebar but you can’t change the way how modifications are applied to the Gantt. Component designed in such way that all changes in sidebar are immediately visible in the Gantt Chart

It doesn’t mean that server side will be hammered though. You can add a code to debounce data saving events, so real data saving will start only when data changes are ended.