React/Typescript and Gantt trial version

Hi there,

I’m trying to use the “dhtmlx-gantt” trial version in a project with both React and Typescript.

Basically I’m facing the same issue as this guy did, 3 month ago:

The documentation advise to use the “react package version” of the trial as stated here:

However, this version, doesn’t seems to come with valid types definitions. I’ve tried to add “@types/dhtmlxgantt” but it doesn’t work with trial: “@dhtmlx/trial-react-gantt” package.

I’ve also tried to directly get the source code (which come with some types definitions), but this doesn’t play nice with react. And all “react wrapper” code I’ve found are javascript only, without any types definitions.

After some research I haven’t found any documentation on how to use the trial version with a React/Typescript project. If anyone could provide me some I’ll be thankful.


DHTMLX React Gantt doesn’t have types definitions file. So there is no opportunity to use the trial version with types definitions. But we have the following guidelines for creating a React application with DHTMLX JavaScript Gantt:
How to Create React Gantt Chart Component with dhtmlxGantt ;
And here is a demo for a React + Typescript application: